Teddy Book Award Finalist

Peggy Purser Freeman, was recently honored with a reception at the Governor’s Mansion as one of the three finalists in the Children’s Teddy Book Award presented by the Austin League of Writers for her novel The Coldest Day In Texas. The First Lady of Texas, Laura Bush, welcomed the honorees: Mrs. Freeman, Wanda Dionne and John Erickson.

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Author, Peggy Purser Freeman:
The Coldest Day In Texas, a middle grade novel the entire family will enjoy.:
Shyanne, a beautiful collectors Doll designed by Julie Good-Kuger:

“One of the things I’ve liked best about being First Lady is having the chance to showcase Texas writers of all ages.” Ms. Bush told the crowd. As she praised these three Texas authors for their literary endeavors and encouraged twelve teen writers who work received Scholarships in the League’s Young Writer’s Contest, she added “If you dedicate yourself to the task at hand and finish what you start, your life will be punctuated with accomplishments. So today I applaud you, but I also challenge you t continue setting high goals for yourselves.” The Coldest Day In Texas, set in Swisher County in 1899, is a TCU Press Chaparral Book for Young Readers for 1997. To thank Mrs. Bush for her work in promoting Texas authors and Texas books, Mrs. Freeman presented Mrs. Bush with a Shyanne doll created by Julie Good-Kuger exclusively for Mrs. Freeman’s book. Shyanne is an 8 inch vinyl doll designed to represent the main character, 12 year old Shyanne Jones. The doll was complete with her own miniature copy of Freeman’s novel, a collectable miniature bbit and schoolhouse display case. “Mrs. Bush was delightful,” Mrs. Freeman said. “She introduced herself with such warmth and grace I felt as if she truly was interested in each person. It was an honor being in the mansion with so much history represented.” Mrs. Freeman, her husband Dickey and her sister, Naomi Ruth Sims of Houston, attended the reception along with the Texas Commissioner of the Arts, authors, writers and members of the League of Austin Writers. The Shyanne doll, schoolhouse display case and the book will be featured at Neiman Marcus’ In-Circle parties in the Dallas Fort Worth area in October where Mrs. Freeman will be present to autograph copies.

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